Below is another excerpt from my larger piece. I am currently suffering from a mild case of Vertigo, and it is interesting writing when i can’t tilt my head back to think. ;-)

Mom’s perfect started to unravel a little bit more, and she stood even stiffer. Stood the way she does just before she says if we don’t quiet down, her head’s going to explode. I didn’t have to see her face to know what it looked like. Her mouth would be drawn into that thin tight line again, and her jaw muscles would be popping in and out just below her ears, like she was priming a detonator. Mom didn’t have to say anything about her head exploding, either. She didn’t have to say anything at all.  The keys in her hand pierced the tension with a single teeth aching jingle. I could tell it took everything in her not to say something back to Dad. Mom knew he had reached that point that no amount of talking was going to change his mind come hell or high water.  Just then another uncurl sprung loose and fell over Mom’s ear. Wiggled like bait.

written by ds (dangerousboi)

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